Harrogate Bridal Show

Whoop, whoop I can’t believe I've registered for the Harrogate Bridal Show for 2019 already!!!
Harrogate Bridal Show 2019 Registration

I visited Harrogate for the first time last September with my cousin Alison, my faithful advisor. We were both overwhelmed by all the beautiful dresses and accessories.

The Harrogate Bridal Show is the largest bridal trade show in the UK. It is where all the top designers showcase all their new arrivals for the forthcoming season and orders are placed for the styles you want to stock. As I said I was overwhelmed by all the dresses and there were so many dresses I wanted to order.

We learnt very quickly that there were so many gorgeous new styles coming in for the following year and it was great to be able to select dresses and ask the models to model them for us to see. A long list was made and then we visited Betty’s Tearooms to narrow it down to what I could afford. An order was placed and then I had to wait very patiently (well not so) for the dresses to arrive in December/January. They were definitely worth the wait!

Now we know what to expect we cannot wait to visit the Harrogate Bridal Show again this year so that we can see what will be on offer for the season of 2020!!!