What shape are you? Are you worried that you won’t find a dress to suit your shape?

Here are a few tips to help you.
What shape are you? What dress will suit your shape?

Pear Shape

• Narrow shoulders with a smaller bust

• Well-defined waist

• Lower body wider than your upper body

• Full hips and thighs

• Rounded bum

• Ratio for bust:waist:hips - 3:2:4

What to look for:

• V or U necklines

• High-waisted skirts

• A-Line dresses

• Cap sleeves

What to avoid:

• Bias-cut dresses

• Fishtail

• Embellishments on the hips and thighs

Rectangle/Column Shape

• Small to average bust

• Undefined waist

• Straight hips and bum

• Not many curves

• Aligned shoulders and hips

• Ratio for bust:waist:hips - 3:3:3

What to look for:

• Off the shoulder, scoop and rounded necklines

• Dresses with embellishments

• Bias-cut dresses

• A-line, pencil and tulip skirts

• Belted waists

What to avoid:

• Square necklines

• Two-pieces

• Drop waist dresses

• Straight dresses

Apple Shape

• Average to big bust

• Broad shoulders

• Fullness around the middle, less defined waist

• Narrow hips

• Good legs

• Ratio for bust:waist:hips - 4:4:3

What to look for:

• V and wide necklines

• Empire cut dresses

• A-line dresses

What to avoid:

• High-waisted dresses

• Heavy detailing and embellishments around the waist

• Bodycon dresses

• Tiered, ruffled and gathered skirts

Hourglass Shape

• Full bust

• Well-defined waist

• Proportionally balanced shoulders and hips

• Rounded bum

• Curvy body

• Ratio for bust:waist:hips - 4:2:4

What to look for:

• Scoop, sweetheart, halter and V necklines

• Waist defined dresses

• A-line, bodycon and pencil skirt dresses

• Belted dresses

What to avoid:

• High necklines

• Overly embellished dresses

• Empire cut dresses

• Top with volume-enhancing details such as ruffles and bows