Are you worried about buying your prom dress?

Please don’t be – I will try my best to help you find your perfect dress
R u worried about buying your prom dress?

When shopping for a dress to wear to prom, girls usually have so many things they’re worried about. Don’t worry, that’s just normal. You want to look your best and you want to find that perfect dress.

No girl wants to look the same as her school friends at her prom. One tip is to shop early for your dress. You will still have plenty of choices when you shop early as the later you leave it the more likely I will have sold your perfect dress to someone from your school already. I keep a record of dresses sold to each school so that you won’t turn up in the same dress (as long as they haven’t purchased their dress from somewhere else).

Try not to get hung up on a colour or style as you will find that once you start trying dresses on that the colour and style you had picked does not suit you. Do not worry if your friend has said they want a specific colour/style as they too may find that they don’t end up with the colour/style they initially thought they would go for. They may have said that they want to wear red for example but there are so many shades of red and styles that it is very unlikely that you will look the same. Go for a dress that suits you and you feel comfortable wearing – do not worry about your friends. Don’t settle on a dress that you are not completely happy with – you may find it hard to commit to a dress and make that decision but follow your instinct – you will “just know” when it’s the one!!! Don’t let anyone put you off your decision. Try to only take one or two people shopping with you and don’t send pictures of the dress to everyone you know, as their comments may confuse or upset you. The trick is to be decisive. Importantly, understand that if you leave a dress behind because you are afraid to make a decision, you could land up disappointed when it is no longer available.

We are all different shapes and sizes and there are lots of different styles to choose from – sometimes it takes a while but I will try my best to find a dress that suits your shape – you are not limited to time during your appointment so if you need to try on lots and lots of dresses then that is absolutely fine with me. You are looking for that perfect dress so I don’t want you to feel rushed or pressurised into making a decision. The important thing to remember is don’t be arrived to try something on – it can look completely different on to what it looks like on the hanger.

Don’t be worried - there will be the perfect dress out there somewhere (even if it may need some additions or alterations).

Once you have made a choice and bought your dress, stop looking. While it may be tempting to continue checking out dresses, instead turn your focus to your shoes, hair, makeup, and other accessories, and avoid having any doubts about your decision!

Watch out for my next blog – What shape are you?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.