Independent stores vs online

Why choose me over the cheaper online sites
Why buy your prom dress or evening dress from My Wardrobe by Teresa Jayne rather than the cheaper online sites.

When you make an appointment or pop into the shop I want your shopping experience to be as fun and stress-free as possible. Buying your prom dress or evening dress is a special occasion and I want to make it special for you.

When you arrive you will see a large selection of stunning dresses to view. I will give you the opportunity to have a look through the colours and styles I have in the shop and ask you about what you are looking for. Once you have had a chance to look through yourself you can start to pick out styles you would like to try on. This will then give us an idea of colours and styles that suit you and work out the sizing of different dresses. Don’t be surprised if you choose a dress in a completely different colour or style than you first imagined. Also, be aware that the designers sizing may be different to clothes you are used to wearing so we may need to go up or down a few sizes.

It is my aim to find you your perfect dress that makes you feel a million dollars. If I haven’t got what you are looking for then I will do my utmost to find it. Different styles, colours and sizes can be ordered in if the designer has them available.

I don’t have a time limit so you can try on as many dresses as you wish. I have had many customers trying on as many as 20 dresses before they find that perfect one. Can you imagine ordering 20 plus dresses online to try on and then having to return them all as they either do not fit, suit you or the quality is poor?

It is good to note that I keep a record of all the dresses sold so I will do sell the same style dress for the same event. I also run payment plans so you don't have to pay for your dress all in one go.

When searching for an evening dress or prom dress online you will find great comparisons in the price but you will also find great comparisons in the quality.

The dresses I stock come from designers such as Angel Forever, Pia Michi, Goya London, Hermione and Christian Koehlert who are all well-known for their quality fabrics and manufacturing.

The dresses are hand-made and many dresses have intricate sequins and beading hand-stitched, therefore, taking a long time to produce.

Year after year young girls take to the internet to search for their perfect dress, and like clockwork social media is graced with some serious online shopping disasters. If you take the chance and buy online then you take the chance of buying a dress which is extremely poor quality and may not look anything like the image online. Quite often the companies will not take returns even though they say on their website that they do. Just take a look at this article from Cosmopolitan – you will never want o buy an evening dress or prom dress online again.

I had one customer who had purchased a dress online and needed to return it, when she spoke to the company they told her she had to take a photo to prove that it did not fit – the difficulty was she couldn’t even get it over her head!!!

So if you are looking for quality and you want someone to assist you in finding your perfect dress for that very special occasion then please get in touch as I would love to help. Seeing your beautiful photos and knowing that you chose My Wardrobe by Teresa Jayne to be a part of your big day makes me very proud.

If you have any questions then head over to my FAQs page or get in touch via the chat or give me a ring/text on 07891 136936.

Remember the early bird catches the dress! I will have all my 2020 styles in-store by January.